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We are LADS

Our heart rate? The number of frames per second! We use the language of film to talk about people and objects. We always start with finding the unique element in them. That's the foundation on which we build stories that have never been told before. We know how to find a balance between the form and the function. Every single video made by LADS is a combination of our clients' values and our unmistakeable style.

and we are not about doing everything

It only happens once or twice in a lifetime - you see something so amazing, that your heart stops in awe. At LADS we engineer this kind of moments on a daily basis. And then we freeze them in a form of a picture. We are so good at this, because we deeply understand all types of aesthetics that we use. When we shoot a street fashion, we do it from the sidewalk level. When we photograph a product, we come up with the concept, one just can't ignore.