“Not exactly a foodporn” by Visual Magazine | LADS

“Not exactly a foodporn” by Visual Magazine

Have you ever wondered that your expensive and glamorous sneakers are just a simple product? Goods so common that you rapidly rips off the packing just to throw it into the bin. We cooperated with Daniel Jaroszek and went a little bit deeper, having contrasted some of our favourites models with daily using packing used in any groceries across the street. Obviously, everything was controlled by our creative department to be maintained in convention.

We would like to apologize any fashion lover whose aesthetic feeling was distorted. Maybe because of his idea you would appreciate this carefully prepared packing from your beloved fashion designer.

GUCCI Princetown horsebit fur-lined backless moccasins

NIKE Air max 95 leather & nylon sneakers

MAISON MARGIELA Future iridescent high top sneakers

VALENTINO Open color block leather sneakers

Photo: Daniel Jaroszek

Styling: Visual